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First Deposit Bonuses

Deposite his old age, the professor is quick at finding new casino bonuses for himself, and the players. Here are few deposit bonuses, that our professor has recently reviewed.



No Deposit Bonuses

Deposite his old age, the professor is quick at finding new casino bonuses for himself, and the players. Here are few deposit bonuses, that our professor has recently reviewed.

New Casinos

Though the professor likes gambling with real money, there are good no deposit bonuses available, that is just too good be not used. Check out the latest no deposit bonuses, that our professor has added to his reviews.

Oshi Casino


No Deposit Bonus
25 free spins
Betcoin Casino


First Deposit Bonus
100% up to 1 BTC + 10 free spins

A few years back, only computer geeks could deal in Cryptos. Today even traditional gamblers literally roll the dice, spin the wheel, or deal the cards and earn bitcoins. They don’t have to mine them, isn’t that interesting?

Bitcoin and Gambling

The bitcoin adoption craze, that once captured the forex market, has engulfed the online gambling industry. Each day a new bitcoin casino opens shop for players. 

But what is bitcoin casino?

Save for the method of payment or withdrawal, bitcoin casinos are similar to the other online casinos. In essence, the former is any casino or betting agency that supports wagering in Bitcoin either in preference or alongside fiat currency. The games are very much the same, including:

What is Bitcoin

Simply put, Bitcoin is a global virtual medium of exchange. It remains the most valuable cryptocurrency since it uses distributed ledger which makes it to self-regulate. SoBitcoins are not issued or managed by any central authority like the national currencies. Its symbol is BTC or Ƀ.

Cryptocurrencies have been around since the 80s. However, they had a problem with double-spending. It was impossible to tell which digital coins had been spent. But this problem was solved in 2009 by an anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto when he released the bitcoin white paper that gave birth to the first bitcoin and blockchaintechnology. 

Characteristics of Bitcoin

Flexibility of Bitcoin

It is an universal agreement that just like the internet, bitcoin’s underlying technology (blockchain) has the potential to transform how we do business. Just recently, in its report on the global economy, the United Nations termed Bitcoin as a "new frontier" in digital finance.

Around 6.5 billion people are estimated to be unbanked or cannot access the traditional banking system. Bitcoin is changing that and has the potential to reach markets across the globe, from the remotest regions of Asia to sub-Saharan Africa. And as the world continues to switch online, the regions will need greater payments flexibility, way beyond what the existing system offers. Bitcoin has positioned itself as a viable alternative. 

It is not only in the developing world but also in the developed economies, Bitcoin is standing out as a better alternative as it makes sending money to be as simple as sending an email. It has thus improved the efficiency and transactional experience in these established jurisdictions. It reduces the withdrawal waiting period from days to just minutes. With the Bitcoin network, players can play peacefully knowing they will access their wins instantly.

Security of Bitcoin 

There are often security questions that arise on the use of bitcoin as a payment alternative. This is perhaps because it is independent of the mainstream payments’ legal and regulatory structure. As such, bitcoin transaction do not enjoy consumer protections inherent of many other types of payments. 

Nevertheless, there's no cause for an alarm because the network is designed to self-regulate and facilitate anonymous transactions. Bitcoin provides very high levels of security, but only if used correctly.

Depending on the wallet provider you are using, you may be provided with a multi-signature wallet, which ensures transaction undergo multiple independent approvals before it goes through.

Just recently Crypto CEO died, and he went away with the passwords to unlock over $200 million worth of bitcoins of his customers. That’s how safe your bitcoins can be if no one else knows your password. But what about your family? Create a backup plan. 

How to buy Bitcoin

So you need some coins but don’t know how to get some? It’s simple, just tag along.

Here is how to buy Bitcoin:

But before you even embarked on buying bitcoins, you need a wallet where you’ll safely store them.

So here is what you should do:

At a BTC exchange, there are tons of people willing to buy or sell and so the price is determined by the demand and supply. Most exchanges, however, operate like ewalletsand are governed by KYC and so may require you to verify your account especially if you want to link a bank account. Once they receive your payments and order for bitcoin, they credit your wallet with the corresponding amount of coins.

Alternatives of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the pioneer of the cryptocurrency wave, and as such, it has influenced quite a number of alternatives, presenting themselves as better alternatives. These tweaked versions are collectively referred to as altcoins.

Bitcoin in Online Gambling 

If online gambling is food, then bitcoin is a spice! So, imagine making food without spices! No onion, garlic, peppers, or not even cream or tomato-based sauces! Neither acidic and overly greasy food, nor even salt! Just plain food, how would it taste? That’s online gambling for you without a fast, safe, reliable payment option. Soconsider bitcoin one of the primary spices 

As already mentioned elsewhere in this guide, Bitcoin adoption craze has not spared the gambling industry. There’s no doubt that online gambling has revolutionized how we play our favorite casino games, but if you add bitcoin to it, the resulting combination is an exciting gaming technological advancement with an improved payment alternative, just like a sumptuous meal.

How Bitcoin Improves Online Gambling

Though the difference between online casinos that allow gambling with bitcoin and those that do not is pretty slim, the impact of accepting bitcoin as payment solution is phenomenal. The world of cryptocurrency has opened up new possibilities in the realm of online betting. Whether you're a seasoned gambler or a newcomer to the world of online betting, Identifying the best crypto betting sites is a great way to start. 

Bitcoin casinos offer prompt payments, and there’s no incriminating paper trail. In as much as the system is completely transparent since you can access the distributed ledger and see where payments originate from, you can’t access any personal data. Just some alphanumeric numbers, and so the security and privacy of its users remain intact.

With legal constraints on online gambling in most countries, bitcoin is offering much of a relief. Adoption of bitcoin by casinos is pretty much in its infancy. Online gamers who want to use bitcoin must not wait for a wide scale industry adoption, though. Already, there are pacesetters in the industry, including a number of leading online casinos that already accept bitcoins as a recognized currency. Sooner or later, bitcoin currency will be the money for internet and every casino will be accepting it, just as they do credit cards. 

Why Should You Gamble With Bitcoin

If until now you’ve not started using bitcoin as your gambling currency, then you are missing out on some of the great benefits. Here is why you need to switch.

In a nutshell, bitcoin improves online gambling offering the following;

Improved payment and withdrawal processing speed. You don't have to wait for your money to reflect on your account.

Increased privacy. Unlike other payment networks, bitcoin enables you to remain partly anonymous as it does not share your financial data or leave it someone else’s discretion. 

Negligible fees mean more money. Other payment solutions not as cost effective as bitcoin, which charges very negligible fees for transactions and thus means more money in your wallet.

Convenient and available everywhere. Have you ever been to an online casino and you find out that your preferred payment is not supported? With the best bitcoin casinos, everything is quite straightforward. All you need is some units of bitcoin, which are accessible from every corner of the world.

No exchange rate problems: Normally, you would need to convert your money to your casinos preferred currency, but with crypto casinos, you don’t worry about the exchange rates. This saves you the fees that eat on your wager amount.

No Chargebacks: If you've been in e-commerce long enough, then you must be very familiar with transaction reversals. A chargeback is when the person who made payment orders their bank to recall the payment. This system has been open to manipulation. A Bitcoin transaction is irreversible, once done, that's it.

In a nutshell, bitcoin improves online gambling by providing a virtual global currency with low inflation risk, that is safe, cheap and simple to use, independent of any government interference, and is untraceable. 

Is it legal to gamble with bitcoin?

Legal or not legal? There is no straightforward answer to this question. It depends on what is the current legal framework in your say about bitcoin and online gambling.

The question has two components; gambling and bitcoin. These two are rather controversial subjects, with varying legal constraints in different countries.

Cryptos have challenged the status quo, consequently many tax authorities and financial regulators worldwide are sort of confused about the whole thing and are debating best practices. Also, the legality of online gambling is a badgering question world over. 

So to answer this question, you must first establish what the local law says about cryptocurrencies and gambling, online gambling in particular because that’s where bitcoin is used in gambling as a form of payment.

Complicated, uh? It shouldn’t be! 

If you are in a country where online gambling and bitcoin are legal, then it is safe to say that it is legal to gamble with bitcoin in your locality. But if either bitcoin or online gambling or both are illegal, then gambling with bitcoin becomes illegal.

Even so, owing to the anonymous nature of bitcoin, many people are gambling on offshore bitcoin casinos. The problem arises when such people win huge payouts, because in the end, they’ll have to spend the winnings, and as such declare these winnings. 

Nonetheless, you don't need to stress yourself over the legality issue. It is upon the casino to accept or reject you because as part of the KYC compliance requirement, you provide your address as part of the sign-up process. So if it is illegal for you to play on a bitcoin casino, it is the casino that is held liable.

Advantages of BTC Casinos

The internet has become the mecca of gambling giving players immersing experience with top-class 3D games, the best odds and crazy bonuses. It’s true that online casinos have been doing well, but not quite well. 

Wire transfers take at least three days to process. Credit card and other payment solutions also take a similar duration to completely clear. Until then, the payments can be reversed creating room for fraud. What's more, these fiat games are biased and there's no way to tell whether they are rigged or not.

The marriage between gambling and the internet cannot be complete without a convenient payment solution, which is where bitcoin comes in. That’s why BTC casino is the real deal. It offers a range of benefits that solve the problems with the conventional online casinos.

Anonymity in BTC casinos

Normally, for an online transaction to be successfully conducted, we are compelled to give a plethora of personal information, including:

We entrust these details to the online casinos but they decide whom to share the information with, so we are not in total control of the data. Identity theft and credit card fraud are some of the results of if this information is mishandled or falls into the wrong hands. 

With BTC casino, you transact in bitcoin. Bitcoin transactions are designed to be pseudo-anonymous. They are only linked to your public bitcoin wallet address, an alphanumeric string recorded on the blockchain. This means that your online gambling activities are safe from the glare of third parties like the government or unscrupulous individuals who maybe be eavesdropping on you to steal your personal details or identity.  

Needless to say, some crooks have exploited this anonymity of bitcoin to fund illegal activities. 

Speedy transactions

It is interesting how quickly online casinos deduct your bank account to fund your casino account, but the reverse takes ages. In all honesty, the whole depositing experience is efficient. All seems easy until it’s your time to cash out. Withdrawals, whether through wire transfer or ewallets, is never simple.

Bitcoin transactions, on the other hand, are almost instant. Both deposit and withdrawal, regardless of whether it's a local or international payment, are processed at record speed. Bitcoin transactions generally take about 10 minutes, which is inherently faster than the duration it takes to complete a cross-border transfer.

BTC transactions are faster because:

Fast and Easy Withdrawals

There is nothing more frustrating as a casino waiting for your wins days after making a withdrawal. You need a fast convenient withdrawing option. Withdrawing your winnings BTC casino is probably the safest and easiest on the internet. 

Bitcoin is a reliable online currency that offers an alternative payment method at many online casinos. You withdraw your money in these simple step;

Step 1: Click ‘WITHDRAW’ on the cashier section of your casino

Step 2: Enter your wallet address (alphanumeric string)

Step 3: Enter Bitcoin units you want to withdraw and confirm. 

You will receive you bitcoins almost instantly. 

If you are playing for real money, be sure to gamble with bitcoins to save you the hustle associated with withdrawals.

Transaction fees

Traditional online casinos charge exuberant fees and this is most certainly because of their association with the middlemen. Besides, players have to contend with taxes and duties the moment their winnings land in the bank account, further eating into the net winnings.

The most outstanding reward of Bitcoin is the negligible cost of transaction as there are no middlemen in the network. The standard BTC transaction fee is equivalent to some cents of the US dollar. In comparison;

Wire transfer globally costs slightly over $40 shared between the receiver and the sender at about $25 and $15 respectively. 

Credit cards charge between 3 to 5% of the transfer amount. 

So gamblers enjoy low transaction fees, and taxes are not factored in their bitcoin wallets. 

Trusted Bitcoin Casinos

With bitcoin adoption going mainstream, many casinos are embracing the network and incorporating bitcoin in their method of payment. Even so, not all casinos out there offer what they promise. A trustworthy casino must provide top-notch games designed by known game designers.

Top online gambling software designers include;


Here are some of the best bitcoin casinos:

FortuneJack Casino

With a gambling industry experience spanning over two decades, FortuneJack Casino stands tall among its peers. It's currently the best crypto casino, both in terms of games, customer experience, digital currency, and platform accessibility. Perhaps its experience in the native casino industry plays a role in this success.

Available online since 2014, FortuneJack is a pioneer and a game changer in this sector of the gambling industry. It is also available on mobile platforms, and both veteran and beginners can use the platform with much ease.


Stunning and easy to navigate website

Available on mobile phone

Apart from BTC, supports 7 other cryptocurrencies, including BCH, ETH, LTC, DOGE, ZEC, DASH,  and XMR

Provide “Provably Fair” games

A huge selection of exciting games

Provides sports betting

Use the best gaming software brands in the market today, such as NetEnt and Microgaming.

It has an informative blog.

24/7 Live-Chat service

Has numerous bonuses


It doesn’t have a telephone option for customer support.

Despite its big name in the cryptocurrency world, it only supports two languages, English and Japanese.

Save for its language limitation, FortuneJack is one of the best bitcoin casino with all the essential features that you would look for on a casino. 

Bitstarz Casino

Bitstarz casino is among the pioneer adopter of bitcoin. It is registered, licensed and regulated by Curacao authorities. The website was launched in 2014 and it’s not just digital currency casino, it supports a wide range of cryptocurrency, and accepts a variety of fiat currencies as well. 


Incredible choice of games from top software providers.

Huge bonuses and free spins 

Both progressive jackpot and sizable jackpots. Note, if you win more than 20 Bitcoins ($15,000), the website may divide the payout into monthly installments of 20 BTC or €15,000 until your full unused win is paid out. However, this doesn't apply for the progressive jackpot.

Excellent customer support

Other than bitcoin, supports numerous payment methods

Provably fair games

Mobile-friendly Interface

No cash out charges for any available option


Charge deposit fees

High wagering requirements for bonus rollovers. 

The partial payout for wins greater than $15,000 or 20 BTC is kind of annoying. You are likely to play and use up the remaining balance

Not accessible for the residents of United Kingdom, United States, and Spain.

It takes you less than 3 minutes to create an account, select the preferred currency and start enjoying the Bitstarz services. Like many top sites, the site is easy to navigate and games are at par with the best, provided for by household names in the gaming software market. It is free to deposit bitcoin with the minimum amount being 0.0001 mBTC.

mBit Casino

In 2014, when many casinos shied away from bitcoin, mBitCasino jumped into the seen to set the pace for the industry ahead of the current gambling revolution. The site has since grown into one of the leading online casinos, with an array of slot machines, table, and card games. However, it has stuck to its lane, providing only cryptos for its payment and withdrawal methods.

mBit understands the fears of newcomers to these types of casinos. To that effect, it provides a wide range of content about bitcoin and gambling on its website.


Instant Deposits

24/7 Live Dealers

Smooth gameplay

On-demand live chat customer support

A wide range of innovative games provided for by renowned brands such as NetEnt, and Betsoft.

Get 110% up to a total of 1 BTC (just under $400) on your first deposit.

It is mobile friendly.


No provably fair games

Slow e-mail support

Only accepts cryptocurrencies

mBit membership at the top-rated  BTC casinos is well deserved. It provides a complete gambling experience with its variety of games and bonuses, action-packed tournaments, a VIP program, and sportsbook option. 


Digital currency and sports betting lovers find comfort at Cloudbet. Incorporated and fully licensed in November 2013 by E-Gambling Montenegro, the bitcoin sportsbook is older than most of its peers. It offers a wide range of betting markets, a huge deposit bonus and arguably the largest betting limits. 


100% up to 5 bitcoins welcome bonus with a 10x wagering requirement, which is lower than its peers.

Covers virtually all sports betting markets.

Instant withdrawals, so the money goes into your account as soon as you hit the button!

Responsive and friendly customer support, available around the clock.

Emphasizes security & anonymity. 

The celerity with automated withdrawals.



No bets on US sports.

Restricted access in the USA, Hong Kong, UK, and Singapore 

In addition to sports betting, Cloudbet offers slot machines, table games among other casino games. You must, however, provide an email address before making the first deposit. If you are a high-roller, they got your back covered. But they don’t ignore beginners too. In a nutshell, they allow tiny wager amounts and incentivize large wagers. 

Bitcoin Casino US

Registered in 2017, Bitcoin Casino US is a new kid on the block. The site is amazingly set up and accepts players from across the globe without a single region restriction. Its gaming experience is also above par, with a large lobby of slots containing games by innovative software providers such as Softswiss, BetSoft, and Endorphina. The casino also offers a welcome bonus worth up to 5BTC with 150 free spins. 

The primary concern here is the failure by the website to provide a valid license. On the same regards, it fails to provide any evidence of its ownership. While it is agreeable that acquiring BTC casino license can be such a headache, its benefit cannot be ignored. It's the license that guarantees players sound legal protection. 


Accepts all players no matter their geographic location.

Players remain anonymous

Great games from Softswiss, BetSoft, and Endorphinasoftware studios.

High banking limits

Welcome bonus worth up to 5BTC over five deposits.

Mobile friendly

Provably fair games

Withdrawals up to 10BTC processed instantly


Not registered or at least no registration info

Apart from BTC Only accepts BCH, LTC, and DOGE.

No phone customer support

They’ve been claims on Reddit threads reporting rigged games.

If you looking for the best world casino based on bitcoin, then here it is, Unlike many BTC casinos that incorporate other payment method alternatives, this site only relies on three cryptocurrencies,  bitcoin, ethereum, and SOC. Players deposit, play and withdraw money based on the three, nothing more.

Their games feature "Mr. Vegas”, the popular video slots, and traditional casino games such as blackjack, baccarat, and other card games. They support live dealing supported in several languages. is registered as a subsidiary, Processing Solutions Ltd, Cyprus.

The website boasts of over 1500 games on a platform powered by the renowned for designing the best Bitcoin Sports and Casino Gaming platforms.


Registered and licensed 

Top selection of games and slots

Multiple languages

Super-fast cashout

24/7 live chat support

The platform is powered by

A member of Certified Casinos


Has no phone support

No Poker games 

To coin it, provide the best user experience. It could add the poker games today or tomorrow and also introduce a phone call on its customer service to get a 10/10 rating.

How to deposit in Bitcoin casino

So, you are aboard the BTC Casino train and wondering where to start. Needless to say, you know you must create an account at an online gambling site that you would wish to play at. Paying with Bitcoins is not much different from other forms of payment, but brings an unrivaled sense of anonymity and security. 

As technical as cryptocurrency might sound, the depositing process is rather straightforward. Perhaps easier than using credit cards or bank wire transfer. 

Simply put, select the bitcoin as your payment method, log in to your wallet and enter the amount you'd like to transfer, and send. It never gets better than that, yet it's easier said than done.

First and foremost, you must have some bitcoins in your Bitcoin wallet, and if you don’t have a wallet already, you need to create one.

Get a bitcoin wallet

The wallet has two important features;

Public address, which like an email address, you can share with anyone who wants to send you Bitcoins.

Private keys, which is your password that you use to authorize payments from the wallet.

There are lots of wallet service providers out there, – here are the major ones:

Load Wallet with Bitcoins

You need to acquire bitcoins which you can do by:

Buying from friends, relatives or other people around you.

Accepting bitcoins as gifts from friends or relatives. 

Buying from bitcoin exchanges e.g. Coinbase, Bitstamp, BTC-e, and Bitfinex.

Accepting bitcoin for payment for goods sold or service rendered.

Exchangeing your fiat at the available Bitcoin ATM. Check the Coinbase Bitcoin ATM Map to find the ATM near you.

Deposit Bitcoins to your BTC casino

When you sign up, Bitcoin casinos create holding wallets to hold your account balance and it’s the same wallet that also holds your winnings.

To deposit Bitcoin to an online casino, simply follow these steps;

Step 1: Logged in a casino, click on “Deposit” 

Step 2: Copy the alphanumeric string or use a QR code provided

Step 3: Login to your wallet

Step 4: Key in the alphanumeric code, or scan the QR Code if your device has a camera.

Step 3: Enter Bitcoin units you'd like to transfer plus a negligible fee and click ‘send!'

Bingo! You’ve successfully loaded your account.

Note: Including the negligible will hasten the processing of your payment. It may take about 10 minutes for the figure to reflect in your gambling account. 

Provably Fair - What does it mean

Regulated online casinos often submit their games for periodic auditing by independent third party oversight agencies. Even so, this option has not guaranteed fairness, and typically the house is blamed for skewing games in its favor.  

Whether it’s a case of bitter losers or indeed the house cheats, that’s now in the past, particularly for digital currency casinos for you can now prove whether a game is fair or not.

What’s Provably Fair?

If you go through Reddit Gambling Threads, you’ll notice there have been lots of scams, and unsuspecting players have unfairly lost. That’s why today every operator is treated suspiciously. But that’s now in that past for provably fair gambling is and will be now the basis of trust.

Without bombarding you with the cryptographic terms such as hash functions, which are hard to explain in plain terms but even harder to decode or break, Provably Fair is simply a technical tool based on bitcoin network that ensures there’s fair play at any online casino.

This feature is perhaps what’s driving most casinos to accept Bitcoin and its underlying technology. As nature would have it, the sites that offer Provably Fair games are getting more players compared to operators that are yet to embrace this aspect of the blockchain technology. 

Why it’s a Relief for Players 

It outputs data and once the game round is over, and a player can countercheck if its outcome is random.

It's simple and players don't need to be blockchain geeks to understand how to identify a rogue casino masquerading as an honest one.

The players can now play watchdog, they don’t have to rely on “independent” oversight to the RNG of these casinos on their behalf.

It pushes casino operators to operate in a transparent manner, something that’s entirely missing in the traditional gambling sites. 

In all fairness, reputable online casinos provide their game sources codes to allow players to study how results are generated. While the interpretation of such codes may require some technical assistance, putting it out there is guaranteeing fairness as it's easier to identify a technical flaw with a large online community. However, the new technology now puts the power in the hands of the player who verify the outcome of the game in real time.

How Does Provably fair Work

The structure of the Bitcoin network is designed to be transparent. When it comes to online gambling, game developers use different approaches to come up with games, however, the concept they base their games is similar. 

Here is how the system works:

Provably Fair architecture uses cryptography values, which are impossible to alter. Right before a game round starts, two separate seeds of random numbers are created and it’s their combination that leads to the end result.

Using cryptography, the software protects the seeds and send them as a hashed version to the player and the house to confirm the randomness of the end result. 

The player can then place his bet and play. 

Once the round is over and the final outcome is out, the player receives now decrypted seeds. 

Confirm that encrypted seeds you received before the start are the same as those you got after the end of the game.

With this, you are sure the outcome was indeed random and was determined before you put your wager. If your bet fails, you don’t blame the house for manipulating the final result in its favor.

How to check randomness

 Generally, using a BTC open source algorithm, operator publishes a method for verifying each game outcome. Using Provably Fair, you will be able to tell if the random seed generator, hashing, and the random number generator are working as claimed by the operator. 

Just after the game outcome is out, a player uses these algorithms to evaluate the outcome. This can be done using the “Verify” button, alternatively, you can check the game for fairness on independent calculator websites like, or, and it is simple.

Here is how to do it:

The result should match the hash provided to you before the game.

While Provably Fair empowers you to prove that the games are fair, it doesn't guarantee payouts, it is upon you to choose a reputable casino that has no history of dishonoring payments.

What Games Can You Play in BTC Casinos

When it comes to games Online Bitcoin sites offers, nothing is different from what we are used to in either the brick and mortar casinos or the regular casinos. However, with BTC sites you are sure to enjoy top quality fair games. You also get co-effective flexible payment and withdrawal solution to guarantee you an engrossing experience.

The best Bitcoin casino sites provide extreme excitements with the following games;

Keno – What’s your Lucky Number 

Guess the numbers and like lottery wait for the outcome and see how many numbers you match. 

Online Poker - The Winner Takes All 

The highest unfolded hand wins the pot. 

Craps - the thrill of the rolling dice

At a craps table, it’s screams, cheers, and shouts as the dice rolls. The BTC game doesn’t offer any less excitement. 

Online Roulette - Fascination of the spinning wheel

If this is not the most captivating game at a casino, then it’s the second best. The curious eyes glued on the wheel and what it’s like to play it online. 

Blackjack – It's 21, no more

Draw the cards and get as in close proximity to 21 without going past it. Your total must be less or equal to 21, but greater than the dealer’s. 

 Online Baccarat – the closer to 9 the better

The highest single digit carries the day, and 10 and face cards are zero. Wager on the outcome of the game.

It's Bingo – self-gratification

The first player to match the numbers, first player to “Bingo!”

There are many that we won’t have the time and space to list them, let alone describe them. Here are a few extra:

Wagering On Games With Bitcoin

Wagering on a bitcoin casino is not any different from what you do at other conventional online casinos. Up to here, it is assumed you already have an account with your favorite BTC operator and you have loaded the account with some Bitcoins.

Now it's time to play! Here is how to do it:

Choose the game

There are a number of games you can wager on. If you want to play online casino games, you would need to go to the casino section and choose games like roulette, blackjack, craps and many others. For betting on sports, you will have to choose the games you want to bet in so as to see the available markets.

Select the outcome of the game

Depending on the games you are wagering on, the outcomes have predetermined odds which are displayed to you. You wager amount will be multiplied by the odds of the outcome of that game.

Input your bet amount and place your bet

  Once you place your bet, your account balance is debited by the amount you've placed your bet with. Then you wait for the outcome of the game.


If your prediction is correct, you win and the winnings are reflected in your holding wallet. If your prediction is wrong, you can always play again. Remember, gambling is meant to be fun, so you should have fun.

You can also check out "Live Betting" to place a bet on a game that is taking place right now. 

How Do We Rank Bitcoin Casinos

There are many Bitcoin Casinos in the market today and each claims to offer the best service. It might be a little challenging to identify the best casino. But we have made it our duty to give an unbiased and fact-based option on different casinos we review. Our intention is to ensure that players get the best service and have an immersing gaming experience. In order to do that, we rate and rank casinos by looking at their ins and outs and comparing them with their peers. 

Here are what we pay attention to:

We offer our expert opinions on these features, monitor and certify the reliability of every casino we rank. In addition, we check at their bonus requirements, though very few bonuses are realistic. Most of them are only meant to lure more customers.

We strongly encourage you to read our various guides about the best bitcoin casinos.