Bitcoin Slots

FortuneJack Casino
FortuneJack Casino


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7Bit Casino
7Bit Casino


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BetChain Casino


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mBit Casino


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Betcoin Casino
Betcoin Casino


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How we Rank Bitcoin Slot Casinos

Online gamblers, just like traditional gamblers, have a wide selection of casinos to choose from. But this is both an opportunity and a threat. We focus on making it an opportunity by decimating the risk part of it. To do this, we review the casinos and provide fact-based feedback on each aspect of their service. We do this to make online terrain smooth of all players, whether they are seasoned or novice players. And to rank the casinos the make up our list, we look at the following;

How to know it's good BTC Slot Casino

There are hundreds of cryptocurrency-based casino venues in the online market nowadays that finding a good one is a challenging endeavor. A good casino must be reliable, honest and transparent with not only a low house edge but also offer probably fair game. The online community has a way of helping you in your quest. User feedbacks and online expert reviews can lead you in the right direction and let you in on both good sides and the downsides of each platform that the Bitcoin casino market has to offer.

But to save you the trouble of searching, here are a few things in details that you should look out for to distinguish a reputable casino from a joyrider.

It's Provably Fair

One thing why most online gamblers prefer BTC Casino is because of the provably fair games, which makes it difficult for a casino to cheat on the game outcomes.

With the blockchain technology, the players can confirm that the result of the Slots spin was indeed random and was determined before the wager, and not fixed to favor the house. I guess there's no better level of transparency than this, so settle for nothing less. Therefore, when you’re browsing for a perfect Slots game experience, make sure that provably fair gaming is a part of that journey.

Has Small House Edge

A house edge determines the average profit a casino makes from its games. The edge gives the casino a small advantage over players. It is not a bad thing because they have to cater for overhead costs while keeping the business afloat.

All the same, some casinos seem to have a large house edge making it extremely difficult for players to profit. A low house edge gives you a good chance of profiting, and so it should be on the top of your casino shopping list.

Fast Deposits and Instant Withdrawals

Cryptocurrency transactions are peer-to-peer and are thus faster than the conventional system. Naturally, you would expect BTC casinos to quickly process deposits and withdrawals. To the contrary, some casinos frustrate your withdrawals attempts and take ages to successfully go through. There's no reason to choose a platform that dismisses any of the wide arrays of benefits that blockchain technology has to offer.

When choosing a casino, settle for the one with an outstanding reputation on fast deposit and withdrawals.

What is Maximum Win per Single Bet?

Before you choose a casino, you must be aware of the betting thresholds maximum and minimum bet amounts. Also, you should be aware of the highest amount you can win from a single bet. The higher the amount the better. You don't want a casino that confines you to small winnings or forces you to place bets much higher than you can afford.

The bottom line is you can only have an immersive gaming experience if you settle for the best BTC casino.

Bitcoin Slot Rules

The simplicity of this casino game is what makes it so attractive to the vast number of players. Unlike, most other games of fortune, Slots don't require special knowledge or skills. All one has to do is place the wager and pull the lever that spins the tumbler. The outcome is variable and depends on the combination of symbols that appear on the screen when the spin is complete. Other than that, there are no standard predetermined rules to follow.

Difference between Bitcoin Slots and Traditional Slots

Bitcoin slots and Traditional online slots enjoy a lot in common. Since they are optimized for mobile phones and portable devices, they are both convenient as you can play at the comfort of your home or wherever you are. However, Bitcoin slots offer a lot more than just convenience. It improves every aspect of the traditional slot, including security, fairness, quick payouts, and many more.


The internet and money have never been used in one line without invoking security fears. Security has been one of the most significant issues surrounding online gambling and other online activities involving online funds transactions.

There have been cases where players have lost not just funds at a traditional casino, but also their financial data.

Bitcoin Slots utilizes the blockchain technology that offers complete security of funds and information using the hard to break cryptography.

You can play Bitcoin slots pseudo anonymously without registering, something that is impossible in the traditional online slot.

Immediate Payouts and low fees

To conform to the anti-money laundering laws, traditional slots rely on third parties like banks to verify transactions. This causes delay and sometimes it takes days to process payouts. Besides, they charge exorbitant fees for the entire exercise. The price is even higher for cross border transactions.

Bitcoin Slots, on the other hand, employs the bitcoin network that uses the distributed ledger. The fund transfer, therefore, takes only minutes. What's more, the Bitcoin network has no cross border limit and charge negligible fees that mostly go unnoticed.

Higher payouts

Bitcoin slot jackpot is usually higher, thanks to the high value of Bitcoin as its popularity continue to sour. With Bitcoin slots, gambling has become a way to earn a few Bitcoins thanks to the massive bonuses that are readily available.

Provably Fair Games

In traditional slots, players rely on third party and oversight report on the fairness of the games. But with RGN Bitcoin slots players can verify the outcome using the blockchain technology independently. These prevent BTC casinos from cheating. In essence, the spin is merely to spice the game as the outcome of the spin is decided before you even make your selection. So the casino can't change the game outcome to deny you your win. You get a fair chance, and only luck stands in your way to victory.

No geographical limit

Gambling laws are murky and confusing, and as such, a lot of countries have no gambling companies. Moreover, many governments prohibit gambling of any kind, online or brick and mortar. However, these limitations should not stop you from playing. Bitcoin, as a digital decentralized currency, transcends geographical limitations and cross-border transactions, opening online gambling to those who previously could not play at traditional online casinos.

Types of Bitcoin Slot Machines

Classic Bitcoin slots feature different symbols, ranging from numbers to symbols. But these are just themes. The design of a theme doesn’t determine the type of slots you play.  The number of reels, number of pay lines, the nature of payout, and many other gameplay features is what determines the type of slot game you are going to play. 

Here are the common types of BTC slots machines available at most casinos:

3- Reel classics

Classic 3-reel slots have three wheels which spin patterns. You only win if you match the patterns of the three reels. Normally, the payout line is in the middle line, and you only win by matching symbols on each of the reels.

They are the traditional slots and are still very popular among players because of their simple, beautiful interface. They are equally easy to operate.

Multi-line slots

As the name suggests, multi-Line slot machines have multiple pay line on each spin. The pay lines range from five to 50. The more lines you play, the higher your wager amount becomes and the higher the number winning combinations. More payout lines also mean you can win more than once per spin.

They offer huge payouts, especially if you can match multiple lines. They also have huge jackpots, and this is perhaps why many players choose it over the class slots. However, the multiple line slots are meant for experienced players who understand the ins and outs of slots.

Bonus Feature Slots

Most slot players pick their games based on the bonus features. These bonuses may include a wheel of fortune, Free Spin, Pick Me, and many more. 

Bonus features help game developers to lure in more players. More bonus features mean more money or more games for players. More games translate to more fun and perhaps better chances to win something.

Here are some of the bonus features to look out for:

Video Slots

Video slots are very popular in both online and brick and mortar casinos. This is because they are cheap to play as they accept very low bets. The games are controlled by RNG, which is perpetually in motion, and every second there is a particular winning combination. 

Online Bitcoin casinos have both video and live slot machines. These games offer everything that the other slots games have to offer, from animated symbols to bonuses. The video slots games are highly graphical and more exciting to play.

How Does Provably Fair Technology Apply To Slots

Not all Bitcoin casino platforms offer provably fair games, only those that state it on their website. Provably fair implies the casino offers verifiability of its games’ outcomes.

With provably fair games, you don’t have to worry about fairness as you can independently verify the outcome using the blockchain technology.

Provably Fair Technology works the same way across all the gambling platforms. And even though each game is played differently, how results are produced are more or less the same. They all use RNG to produce an outcome.

In all provably fair games, slots included, the result is determined before the player can even make their selection. It then follows that the house produces a result before they know your preference.

Here is how to verify your spin result;

Behind the scenes, the RNG generates a specified number of a set of random outcomes. This is the server seed. At least one of these outcomes is a winner! That result is hashed with SHA-256 algorithm.

The player's influence then comes into play by setting what’s called the client seed. That selection is also assigned a random number which is unknown to the house. This is also hashed, together with the result and a secret number is given to the player before the spin to verify the fairness of the game at the end of the turn.

Ultimately, if the results match up, the player can rest assured that the game result was not tampered with.

What’s more, casinos provide this Provably Fair testing widget to each player, along with the instructions for use. Alternatively, you can use an independent hash calculator, in case you feel more comfortable with it.

Provably fair BTC Slots

It's not easy placing your trust in a piece of software and hope that the outcome of a spin is not rigged in favor of the house. The blockchain technology allows the introduction of Provably fair game experience, which allows players to check the outcome determination process. Provably fair slots seal the loopholes that scrupulous casinos may use to fix the outcome of a spin and perhaps deny you your winnings.

Since provably fair games are only available on blockchain casinos, these venues also provide the other benefits associated with the technology including, among others, anonymous play, top security, and immediate payouts.

Best Casinos with BTC Slots

Many BTC websites offer countless variations of online slots games, themes, and payouts that can benefit you. The real challenge is understanding the game and settling for Bitcoin Casino with the best Slot Random Number Generators (RNGs).

Here are some of the top casinos with the best BTC slots: