How to Play Bitcoin Slots

What are Bitcoin Slots?

Bitcoin Slots is a version of slots played online, but instead of wagering in coins or buying tickets, you wager in a digital currency called Bitcoins.

Since their inception, skeptics have treated cryptos as a gamble that would fail someday. However, digital currencies continue to grow and command popularity. Nowadays, with the expansion of blockchain-based casinos that accept Bitcoins, cryptos have become part and parcel of the gambling industry.

Playing Bitcoin Slots is one of the ways you can get a few Satoshi to increase your Bitcoin holdings or simply have fun while on the internet. The game itself is in no way different that is in a brick and mortar casino or traditional online platforms. A player spins the virtual tumbler and waits for the best combination of symbols that would grant a certain level of reward. The only difference is that you use Bitcoin instead of fiat currency. The following article will let you in on the elemental features and specs regarding the cryptocurrency-based slots.

Basics of Bitcoin Slots

With many casinos accepting Bitcoin, there has been an explosion of variety and quality of slots games. Gaming Providers are in a cut-throat competition to be the best in the industry and provide the ultimate Bitcoin slots experience. There are unlimited prospects that can play out on the whirls of BTC slot games. Even so, the object of the game remains the same, to spin a winning combination of symbols on the pay line.

Once you sign up, though some Bitcoin casinos don't necessarily need this, players can deposit their wager amount. The wallet address for depositing will be provided, just be certain get it right. Remember, Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Thus, it's advisable to send a small amount to confirm the address before sending the large sum.

Don’t spin just yet. You need to familiarize yourself with the Slot Lingo.

  • The amount of your bet is called the Coin Size.
  • Max is the highest bet limit on a single spin of a slot game.
  • The line where the result symbols are lined up to determine whether you’ve won or lost a bet is the Pay-Line.
  • Pay Table chart explains the various combinations on that Bitcoin slot machine.

Bitcoin Slot Features

The primary feature of a slot machine includes a startup button, the display, and a set of symbols on wheels, whose final alignment determines the payoff. But Bitcoin Slots played online are computer-based systems that use RNGs. So, they are a little more complex, yet still, mimic the traditional slot machines while bringing a variety of features onboard.

The main features known to enhance the gaming experience include;

  • Special Symbols.
  • Bonus Games.
  • Multipliers.
  • Progressive Jackpot.

The reels are the most apparent part of slots you’ll encounter on either traditional or online slots. The reel is the wheel that spins on the slot machine. It may either contain symbols, numbers, or images depending on the theme of the machine. It is a crucial part of the slot machine.

Special Symbols

Bitcoin Slots, like the traditional slot games, have special symbols that spice the game. The story of special symbols goes way back to the first slot game dubbed the "One-Armed Bandit." These colorful symbols play the role of the joker and aces in a deck of cards. They include the Wild symbol and the Scatter.


  • On the reel images, symbols or numbers, a Wild symbol is substituted for other symbols.
  • It can turn a losing spin into a winning one.
  • Also, in some cases, it acts as a multiplier by multiplying your winning payout.


  • The symbol gives you a free spin or other bonuses when you land 3 or more such symbols.

Slot Bonuses

Bitcoin slots and other online slots offer huge bonuses and sometimes gives out free spins. With slot bonuses, you get the opportunity to study the game without putting your money in the line. You also stand a chance to win real money for free. The size and types of available bonuses depend on the game provider and on the type of slots game you choose to play.

Some of the most popular types of bonuses include the following options:

  • Free Spins

It is the most obvious of all the slot bonuses. It depends on the slots, but mostly, you get a free spin when you land three or more scatter symbols.

  • Pick to Win

This is a hidden bonus where you get to guess your gift by choosing the various theme-related symbols to reveal your bonus prize. The prizes often include free spins, bonus credits or more bonus rounds.

  • Second Screen

There's a pre-determined combination that if the player gets the bonus, they get an opportunity to perform a side task on another screen for a specific reward.


Everybody, who gambles, does so to have fun and perhaps win something. It is even beautiful if you can win big. Bitcoin slots multipliers enable players to multiply their wins by a specified number when activated during the spins.

These multipliers enable you to win big payouts on a specific spin, and they range from x2 right up to x1000.

For example, suppose you play, and a 10x multiplier is triggered, then it means when you win, the amount you earn is multiplied by 10. So, if you win 40, then your payout will be 400.

A combination of free spins, wild symbols and scatter symbol can trigger a multiplier on a spin.

Progressive Jackpot

The jackpot on bitcoin slots may rise every time you play. It does so until it is won, upon which it resets to the initial amount and start piling up again as the game progresses.

Such a slot is said to offer a progressive jackpot. However, not all slots offer this lucrative feature. Some offer just fixed jackpots.

Types of Bitcoin Slot Machine

Classic Bitcoin slots feature different symbols, ranging from numbers to symbols. But these are just themes. The design of a theme doesn’t determine the type of slots you play.  The number of reels, number of pay lines, the nature of payout, and many other gameplay features is what determines the type of slot game you are going to play. 

Here are the common types of BTC slots machines available at most casinos:

3- Reel classics

Classic 3-reel slots have three wheels which spin patterns. You only win if you match the patterns of the three reels. Normally, the payout line is in the middle line, and you only win by matching symbols on each of the reels.

They are the traditional slots and are still very popular among players because of their simple, beautiful interface. They are equally easy to operate.

Multi-line slots

As the name suggests, multi-Line slot machines have multiple pay line on each spin. The pay lines range from five to 50. The more lines you play, the higher your wager amount becomes and the higher the number winning combinations. More payout lines also mean you can win more than once per spin.

They offer huge payouts, especially if you can match multiple lines. They also have huge jackpots, and this is perhaps why many players choose it over the class slots. However, the multiple line slots are meant for experienced players who understand the ins and outs of slots.

Bonus Feature Slots

Most slot players pick their games based on the bonus features. These bonuses may include a wheel of fortune, Free Spin, Pick Me, and many more. 

Bonus features help game developers to lure in more players. More bonus features mean more money or more games for players. More games translate to more fun and perhaps better chances to win something.

Here are some of the bonus features to look out for:

  • Free Spins rewards you with several Free Spins often packed with increased win Multipliers. You activate these bonuses by hitting the Scatter symbols.
  • The Wheel of Fortune bonus rewards you with several prizes on the wheel.
  • Pick a Win Bonus often come as a second screen bonus allowing you to pick a bonus from a selection of visuals. You choose to reveal the bonus, which may be a cash prize or a free spin.
  • Accumulator Bonus slot machines pay bonuses at specific times. Unlike the other slots that bonuses are random, in these slots you see when you're getting close to a special prize.

Video Slots

Video slots are very popular in both online and brick and mortar casinos. This is because they are cheap to play as they accept very low bets. The games are controlled by RNG, which is perpetually in motion, and every second there is a particular winning combination. 

Online Bitcoin casinos have both video and live slot machines. These games offer everything that the other slots games have to offer, from animated symbols to bonuses. The video slots games are highly graphical and more exciting to play.

Provably fair BTC Slots

It's not easy placing your trust in a piece of software and hope that the outcome of a spin is not rigged in favor of the house. The blockchain technology allows the introduction of Provably fair game experience, which allows players to check the outcome determination process. Provably fair slots seal the loopholes that scrupulous casinos may use to fix the outcome of a spin and perhaps deny you your winnings.

Since provably fair games are only available on blockchain casinos, these venues also provide the other benefits associated with the technology including, among others, anonymous play, top security, and immediate payouts.

How Does Provably Fair Technology Apply To Slots

Not all Bitcoin casino platforms offer provably fair games, only those that state it on their website. Provably fair implies the casino offers verifiability of its games’ outcomes.

With provably fair games, you don’t have to worry about fairness as you can independently verify the outcome using the blockchain technology.

Provably Fair Technology works the same way across all the gambling platforms. And even though each game is played differently, how results are produced are more or less the same. They all use RNG to produce an outcome.

In all provably fair games, slots included, the result is determined before the player can even make their selection. It then follows that the house produces a result before they know your preference.

Here is how to verify your spin result:

Behind the scenes, the RNG generates a specified number of a set of random outcomes. This is the server seed. At least one of these outcomes is a winner! That result is hashed with SHA-256 algorithm.

The player's influence then comes into play by setting what’s called the client seed. That selection is also assigned a random number which is unknown to the house. This is also hashed, together with the result and a secret number is given to the player before the spin to verify the fairness of the game at the end of the turn.

Ultimately, if the results match up, the player can rest assured that the game result was not tampered with.

What’s more, casinos provide this Provably Fair testing widget to each player, along with the instructions for use. Alternatively, you can use an independent hash calculator, in case you feel more comfortable with it.

Bitcoin Slot Providers

Many players appreciate casinos that provide BTC slots, but hardly notice the excellent work done by the game developers who provide games for these casinos. However, behind every slot game, stands a team of dedicated experts that create these software solutions.

These game software providers are the silent heroes of the thriving online games, as they always strive to capture the players’ needs. These game developers include:

  1. Net Entertainment (NetEnt) is not just a BTC slot developer but a household name in the gambling industry. Its games are celebrated for high graphical qualities and huge payouts. Its slots games include multi-line slot Bloodsuckers with a 98 percent RTP, and the Kings of Chicago with RTP 97.8 percent featuring Video Poker elements.
  2. RTG (Realtime Gaming) is a US-based gaming company known for high-quality games. It is the primary providers of games for most casinos that accept US-based players. Its slot games include a 5-reel and 25 pay line Goblin’s Treasure, and Naughty.
  3. Microgaming slots include Mega Moolah that continues to enjoy a massive following since 2006 but now has joined BTC games. Others include the Treasure Nile and King Tut.
  4. Betsoft prides itself for developing Fa-Fa Twins, Mad Scientist, the Greedy Goblins and many other Bitcoin slot games.
  5. Playtech Bitcoin slots include a diverse selection of classic 3-reel games and the latest slots packed with multiple bonuses. Its slots include X-Man themed slot. The game has incredible graphics and sound effects, and its payout percentage is 97 percent.
  6. Play N Go, a Swedish casino software provider, is also known to offer some exciting BTC slot games both for desktop and portable devices.
  7. Novomatic is an Australian company best known for developing casino gaming machines. It acquired Greentube Internet Entertainment solutions to step up its presence in online gaming. In its list of online games includes Bitcoin slots such as the renowned Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot, Dolphin's Pearl, and Lucky Lady's Charm.

Payouts Percentage

Payout percentage or Return to Player (RTP) represents the fraction of the overall wagered money the slot pays back to the players over time. It’s simply the way for the BTC casinos to make sure they don’t give out all the money and end up without making a profit. After all, players should understand that every casino venue is someone’s business.

RTP for most slots is between 82 and 98 percent.

There are regulatory requirements for RTP. Some jurisdictions require that the payout percentage should be at least 75 percent. 

The retained percentage is what is often referred to as the built-in advantage or the house edge. Without the edge, casinos can run into losses and go out of business.


Slots represent one of the most popular games of fortune, along with roulette, blackjack, and dice. What makes slots so appealing to the crowd is the simplicity and the fact that it's not time-consuming. All one needs to do is start the spin and wait for the outcome, which requires no special skills or knowledge, therefore making this gambling option convenient to everyone. Furthermore, the wide array of colorful themes and types of the game makes the entire experience even more amusing and entertaining. The chance to win a Jackpot and leave the website with a significant amount of Bitcoins in your wallet with little to no effort further increases the lucrativeness of Bitcoin Slots. Nevertheless, it's important to keep in mind that, fun as it is, this game is still a form of gambling. Therefore, always wager only the amount of money you are ready to lose without putting yourself in an inconvenient situation. Gambling can easily become an addiction, so make sure to perform a reality check from time to time.