Bitcoin Dice

FortuneJack Casino
FortuneJack Casino


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110% up to $500

7Bit Casino
7Bit Casino


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BetChain Casino


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90% up to $200

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100% up to 200 EUR/1BTC + 200 Free Spins

mBit Casino


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50 free spins


Betcoin Casino
Betcoin Casino


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100% up to 1 BTC + 10 free spins


How we Rank Bitcoin Dice Sites

Online gamblers, just like traditional gamblers, have a wide selection of casinos to choose from. But this is both an opportunity and a threat. We focus on making it an opportunity by decimating the risk part of it. To do this, we review the casinos and provide fact-based feedback on each aspect of their service. We do this to make online terrain smooth of all players, whether they are seasoned or novice players. And to rank the casinos the make up our list, we look at the following;

How to know it's good BTC Dice Casino

There are hundreds of cryptocurrency-based casino venues in the online market nowadays that finding a good one is a challenging endeavor. A good casino must be reliable, honest and transparent with not only a low house edge but also offer probably fair game. The online community has a way of helping you in your quest. User feedbacks and online expert reviews can lead you in the right direction and let you in on both good sides and the downsides of each platform that the Bitcoin casino market has to offer.

But to save you the trouble of searching, here are a few things in details that you should look out for to distinguish a reputable casino from a joyrider;

It's Provably Fair

One thing why most online gamblers prefer BTC Casino is because of the provably fair games, which makes it difficult for a casino to cheat on the game outcomes.

With the blockchain technology, the players can confirm that the result of the dice roll was indeed random and was determined before the wager, and not fixed to favor the house. I guess there's no better level of transparency than this, so settle for nothing less. Therefore, when you’re browsing for a perfect dice game experience, make sure that provably fair gaming is a part of that journey.

Has Small House Edge

A house edge determines the average profit a casino makes from its games. The edge gives the casino a small advantage over players. It is not a bad thing because they have to cater for overhead costs while keeping the business afloat.

All the same, some casinos seem to have a large house edge making it extremely difficult for players to profit. A low house edge gives you a good chance of profiting, and so it should be on the top of your casino shopping list.

Fast Deposits and Instant Withdrawals

Cryptocurrency transactions are peer-to-peer and are thus faster than the conventional system. Naturally, you would expect BTC casinos to quickly process deposits and withdrawals. To the contrary, some casinos frustrate your withdrawals attempts and take ages to successfully go through. There's no reason to choose a platform that dismisses any of the wide arrays of benefits that blockchain technology has to offer.

When choosing a casino, settle for the one with an outstanding reputation on fast deposit and withdrawals.

What is Maximum Win per Single Bet

Before you choose a casino, you must be aware of the betting thresholds maximum and minimum bet amounts. Also, you should be aware of the highest amount you can win from a single bet. The higher the amount the better. You don't want a casino that confines you to small winnings or forces you to place bets much higher than you can afford.

The bottom line is you can only have an immersive gaming experience if you settle for the best BTC casino.

Reasons You Should Play Bitcoin Dice

There are numerous reasons why you would choose Dice over other Bitcoin casino games. Aside from being the purest and the most seamless game of fortune, cryptocurrency Dice gambling provides a series of other benefits. They include;

The Best bitcoin dice 2019

Unless you are already lucky to be enjoying the service of the best bitcoin dice operator, you agree that it is not easy to identify one. But with the help of experts and seasoned gamblers, it’s easy to overcome every challenge. In the search for the best gaming platform, we investigated and analyzed features, requirements, user experience, and numerous other quality indicators. After months of research and testing of the available casinos, we bring you the Best cryptocurrency casinos on the market in 2019; 


Arguably the best BTC Casino, FortuneJack has not only a thrilling dice game but with a special progressive jackpot. The casino has a house edge of just 1% and cuts it to 0.7 % every Wednesday. You are guaranteed to enjoy first provably fair BTC dice, auto-play option, and fast transactions. Moreover, this platform allows you a versatile choice of dice games, depending on your taste, but also gives you the ability to test your luck with a series of other games of fortune.                 


Bitcoin dice game is perhaps what has made Primedice a popular BTC casino. The casino boasts of a great reputation on offering provably fair games, a small house edge of 2% and above all fast cashouts. Its dice game, for its simplicity, enjoys overwhelming support; just enter the winning chances and the amount you want to bet, and play.


A very young site, hardly two years old, was created by the founders of Primedice, which could explain why it is already trusted across the industry. Amongst its exhilarating BTC games collection is BTC dice. It offers the original classic dice as well as other new variants that will strike your imagination.


While Bitsler provides BTC games like Roulette, Bingo, and many other casino games, it is vastly popular for its dice game. Its key attraction is not just its Bitcoin dice game that guarantees an unforgettable gaming experience, but also instant deposits and withdrawals, and a house edge of 1%. Only the best casino venues provide such a small house edge and allow players a higher chance of leaving with their smiles on.


OneHash is where you enjoy the full benefits of playing the dice at a BTC casino. Nothing drives the adrenaline like its bitcoin dice experience, particularly when it auto rolls the outcome. It offers provably fair dice game with a house edge of 1%, which gives you a fair chance of winning.

Bitcoin Dice Strategies

As it goes with every plan to make your fortune, you need a carefully planned and impeccably executed strategy to succeed. The dice game might appear simple because all you’ve to do is choosing whether the drawn number will be higher or lower than your lucky number. Even so, without a game plan, you are likely to lose, and honestly speaking, losing isn’t fun at all. Through the years, gamblers invested a lot of time and money to come up with solutions that will allow them to increase their chances of winning. As a result of that effort, a wide array of solutions were invented, some more reliable than others.

We have several amazing and functioning strategies that most players use and can be a little confusing as to which strategy to go with. But with a simple guide, you are bound to be at the top of your game. 

Before you choose a strategy, you would want to know why you need a strategy, which are;

Here are a few strategies you may want to consider when testing your luck with BTC Dice games, which are also useful with many other online casino games:


It is arguably the most popular strategy with the dice players. It works in the following steps;

  1. Place your bet.
  2. If all turns well and you win, repeat the same bet. However, if you lose double your stake in the next bet to recoup the losses.
  3. In case you lose this bet too, double your stake again until you win your next bet. Once you win go back to your original stake.

With the 50/50 chance of winning, the assumption is if you lose the first bet, the result of the next roll is likely to be the opposite of the previous roll. Doubling on a loss may help you win back your losses. It can be disastrous if you go on a losing streak.

The downside of Martingale strategy is that if your losing streak goes for too long, you could end up hitting the maximum bet threshold. This means that you won’t be able to keep on placing higher bets, which makes the entire effort futile.


With this strategy, your focus is on maximizing profit from a winning streak. It is the exact opposite of the Martingale strategy. Here you double your stake when you win and reset it to the original amount whenever you lose. The benefits of Paroli gambling strategy include that you can play even with a small budget, and the max bet limit doesn’t pose an issue because you can reach it only by winning. Moreover, loses that Paroli strategy generates are not as substantial as it's the case with some other options. This allows you to stay longer in the game, which is great when you want to have a lot of time to kill and you want to spend it having fun.


Devised by the French mathematician after whom the strategy was named, D’Alembert applies the same formula as Martingale - increase the stake when you lose and reduce when you win. However, in this betting progression, you only increase or decrease by a unit, with the least bet being a unit. The same downside that constrains the usability of Martingale, generates the risk you have to prepare to take with D-Alembert – If you’re out of luck for too long you can eventually hit the maximum amount of Bitcoins you can wager and that breaks the entire concept.

Hybrid Strategy

When you combine two or all of the three strategies you come up with a hybrid system, which is particularly useful if you have a long betting session. Also, it could help you stop losing streaks. However, you only change a strategy when you feel it isn't working anymore. But if you are on a winning streak, stick to the strategy. Besides, if you aim to make your riches via Hybrid gambling strategy, make sure you pack a significant amount of cryptos.